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Strategy & Innovation Bootcamp

Aleksas Drozdovskis


About Aleksas

Aleksas Drozdovskis is a strategist with international experience that spans across a broad range of industries and geographies. Currently advising executives in technological companies like Yandex, one of the largest internet companies in Europe, and previously Head of Strategy at Wargaming Group Limited, a global developer and publisher of video games as a service.


This follows his role in global advertising agency networks to innovate value propositions, design brand strategies, and craft creative narratives for brands across a number of sectors including Telecom, Sports, HealthTec, FinTech, to name a few.


Among other things, Aleksas is mentoring startups on business modeling, product strategy, brand building, and social impact. Also, he has been driving own educational and creative initiatives. Aleksas co-authored and produced award-winning long read aimed at helping people experience modern media and technology in a more savvy way:


Aleksas works with organisations to foster learning culture, build brand excellence and accelerate growth by exploring, identifying, and scaling ideas that improve individual lives, make a positive contribution to society, and achieve commercial results.

About Strategy & Innovation Bootcamp

The Strategy & Innovation Bootcamp is structured to span 10 weeks. Classes hold once every week for up to 2 hours.  Students will be provided with comprehensive theoretical, practical knowledge and hands-on projects to put at the cutting edge of strategy planning and innovation focused projects. 

The key topics will include the following: 

– Introduction to strategy and innovation
– Innovative mindset: behaviors to boost creativity in business
– Tools and frameworks: improving ability to develop insights and solutions
– Strategic leadership: operating in the age of uncertainty

Course Fee:  $500


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