Antonio Bechtle

About Antonio

Antonio Bechtle is a founding partner and creative director at Bechtle & Miltzarajs. He was formerly Creative Director at The Milk Lithuania and a multi award winner in literature and advertising. He has been ranked #3 copywriter worldwide by Lurzer's Archive International. 

About the Copywriting Course

The Copywriting Course is a part of the Advertising Creativity Programme that also includes Art Direction and Creativity.  Key sessions in the Copywriting class include:

Storytelling 1: about inspiration, Storytelling 2: the shapes of stories, Tips for becoming a better writer, Creating characters, Economy of language, From writing to copywriting, Relevance, relevance, relevance, About TV scripts, Nailing copy-based ads

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Advertising Creativity Special Fee: We recommend that Copywriting, Art Direction and Creativity are taken at the same time. To encourage this this there's a reduced fee of €1000 for the 3 courses plus you still get the 50% discount while offer lasts.  That means you pay only 500 for the 3 courses.

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