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Art Direction

Natalia Mirapeix Bedia


About Natalia

Natalia Mirapeix Bedia is an art director, illustrator, teacher and activist. She has worked for some of the most remarkable agencies in Spain like La Despensa. She has also worked in Beijing. Now she focuses on change ideas for NGOs and cultural organizations like ActionAid or Medialab Prado. She combines her teaching with her role as illustrator for publishing houses. 

About the Art Direction Cours

The Art Direction course is part of the 10-week Advertising Creativity programme. Key lessons in the course include: Introduction to Art Direction, Concept execution, Composition, Use of typography, Crafting, Visual training, Back to the 80’s, Art Director vs Graphic Designer, Art Direction in TV Commercials, How to make a good looking portfolio

Course Fee:  $500

We recommend that Copywriting, Art Direction and Creativity are taken at the same time. To encourage this, there's a reduced fee of $1000 for the 3 courses instead  of $1500. 


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